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New to football? Let’s help you get started! Read more below how you can get involved!


It doesn't matter where your interests lie with American Football, we have a job for you and are always looking for new people to get involved!


At Gridiron Australia, the heart of our success lies in the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers. From game days to club operations, our passionate volunteers form an essential part of the gridiron community, ensuring every aspect of the sport runs seamlessly.




Running a successful game day requires a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure the smooth operation of every aspect. Gridiron Australia relies on the support of passionate individuals who contribute their time and skills to make each game day an unforgettable experience.

Game Officials:

Trained and certified officials are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the game. Umpires, and other officiating roles ensure fair play and uphold the rules.

Scorekeepers, Timekeepers and Play Clock Operators:

Accurate tracking of scores and game time is essential. Volunteers in these roles help maintain an accurate record of the game's progress.

Chain Crew:

Responsible for measuring first downs, the chain crew plays a pivotal role in accurately determining the position of the ball on the field. Often have the best seat in the house for the action!

Ball Crew:

Responsible for measuring making sure we have footballs on each sideline to keep the game moving.

Field Crew:

This team prepares the field before the game, ensuring it's safe and properly marked. They may also handle tasks like setting up equipment and maintaining the field during the game.

Announcers and Commentators:
We livestream some of our games. Engaging the crowd and providing commentary enhances the fan experience. Volunteers with good communication skills can contribute to the excitement of the game.



Behind every successful club is a network of dedicated volunteers who contribute to its growth and sustainability. Here are key volunteer positions that are essential to running a vibrant club:

Coaches and Trainers:

These individuals play a pivotal role in shaping athletes, imparting skills, strategies, and sportsmanship that contribute to a player's overall development.

Administrative Staff:

From club management to communications, administrative volunteers handle logistics, scheduling, and communication to keep the club organised and connected.

Fundraising and Sponsorship:

Volunteers who specialise in fundraising and securing sponsorships are crucial for providing financial support that enables the club to purchase the equipment they need and ensure the club thrives.

Events and Social Coordinators:

These volunteers plan and execute club events, creating opportunities for players and their families to bond and celebrate together.

Marketing and Promotion:

Volunteers in this role help spread the word about the club, attracting new players, fans, and supporters to contribute to the club's success.

Equipment Managers:

Responsible for maintaining and distributing equipment, these volunteers ensure that players have what they need to perform at their best.

Join the Gridiron NSW volunteer community and be a driving force behind the excitement and growth of American football across the nation. Whether you're passionate about game day operations or club management, your dedication will help shape the future of the sport we love.

Become a part of something greater. Become a Gridiron NSW volunteer.


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"You never lose a game if the opponent doesn't score."

— Darrell Royal

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